Want to be a MYLO Brand Ambassador for your campus?

What is

MYLO is an app for iOS, Android, and the web as well as a true and authentic lifestyle brand. MYLO allows users to create and manage groups for everyone and every event in life, free from the fear of automatic public exposure. We believe in helping groups connect and collaborate authentically, simply, and privately- all in a single app.

After working with thousands of college students, we discovered a desire for privacy as well as a general frustration with having to use multiple apps for group messaging, photo sharing, announcements, task and item lists, and planning meetings and events.


What does MYLO do?

MYLO is an all-encompassing app for group messaging, collaboration, and planning - allowing users to create private groups for everything from class group projects to sorority recruitment, family, and friends. Protected from uninvited members of social media stalkers, MYLO groups, their members, and content are not discoverable via search engines. Users must either create groups and invite members - or be invited to a group.

In every MYLO group, users can post group announcements, chat real time, create photo albums, manage events and create lists. The proprietary technology behind MYLO Lists allows users to create everything from gift lists and registries to task lists for class projects- and assign items on a list to a member of the group.

Our goal is to put you back in control of what you share and with whom, and to to help you manage every aspect of life’s groups in a single app.

Why become a MYLO Brand Ambassador?

In addition to becoming a part of a true lifestyle movement, MYLO Brand Ambassadors get HUGE perks:
  • Build a brand on campus and a competitive edge on your resume!
  • Join a community of world changers
  • MYLO will feature Brand Ambassadors on our Instagram account, promoting the opportunity to take over our Instagram for a day…
  • Cool swag to give away on campus when people download our iPhone or Android app…
  • Class credit
  • Become a part of something bigger than yourself
  • The opportunity to earn a reference letter from the CEO to include in your portfolio and/or to help you obtain a job.
  • Miscellaneous contests for awesome prizes!

What we expect from our Brand Ambassadors…

As a Brand Ambassador, we expect you to promote the use of MYLO in groups on campus: friends, classes, group projects, Greek life, organizations, and clubs. We also expect you to represent our positive lifestyle brand on your college campus through creative events and social media. At all times, you are representing MYLO, and you will need to think outside the box to promote our growing company. It's up to you to bring MYLO to your campus and make sure that it is well known there! If this sounds like something you have a strong passion for, we encourage you to apply to our rep program.

Here are some of the activities we are looking for Brand Ambassadors to lead and participate in:
  • A table event to talk about MYLO and give away swag to people who download the app
  • Introduce MYLO to groups on campus
  • Contribute to our social media accounts
  • Participate in a “Life takes you places” video
  • Facilitate and video a short “MYLOtalk” on campus with any group- everyone has a story to tell!
  • Think outside of the box. You have creative freedom as a MYLO Brand Ambassador- show us what you can do to help groups connect authentically and privately!
  • Willingness to overcome and to not be afraid of expressing ideas!

You are the perfect MYLO Brand Ambassador if you are...

  • Interested in marketing, social media, journalism, public relations, communications, video/film, or photography
  • You want a fun, creative, resume building experience
  • You are a positive person who loves meeting and talking to people and wants to promote a positive, adventurous, giving, and enthusiastic lifestyle- which is at the heart of the MYLO brand.

If you are interested, we want to meet you! Please Apply Now below.